There are presently no open calls for submissions.

GRIFFEL is an online magazine for literature, culture and social issues. GRIFFEL comes out quaterly - every spring, summer, autumn, and winter. We welcome submissions year-round. Our typical response time is four months. We encourage submissions from writers of all identities, living anywhere, published and unpublished. Authors previously published in GRIFFEL should wait for at least six months before submitting their work again.

Submitted work must be previously unpublished, both in print and online.

The submission fee helps GRIFFEL cover its maintenance, website, and design costs.

There are no refunds for the submission fee.

Following the guidelines make you seem professional.

When sending submissions, use a font size of 12 points. Leave at least standard 2.5 cm margins on all sides of the text.

Use 2.0 line spacing.

Indent the first line of each new paragraph. Page numbers must be included on every page.

GRIFFEL is a small and independently-run magazine, so, unfortunately, we cannot offer payment to our writers at this stage - though we do hope to do so as the publication grows.

Micro - We accept fiction, nonfiction, and hybrid works, each piece should be less than 1000 words long. For poetry, submit poems 30 lines or less.

Poetry - Please submit up to three poems, which should total no more than ten manuscript pages, at a time.

Fiction - Submissions should be no more than twenty double-spaced pages.

Literary Nonfiction - Submissions should be no more than fifteen double-spaced pages.

Literary translations - The author's name, translator’s name, and translator’s contact information should appear at the top of every poem. Please include a brief (150-200 word) introduction to the poet whose work you have translated.

Book reviews - We accept book reviews of both old and new books up to three double-spaced pages.

Drama - We accept 1 act plays.

Artwork - GRIFFEL is looking for portfolios of artwork to feature in upcoming issues. We consider all forms of art.